Is Fish Bad For Dogs

Is Fish Bad For Dogs. With many vitamins and minerals as well as quality protein, the nutrition is off the charts. Raw fish is at risk of carrying harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria.

Read About Dangerous and Toxic foods for dogs | Bad ...
Read About Dangerous and Toxic foods for dogs | Bad ... from
I think fish is just given to cats to eat and i have several out door cats too ! When it comes to the question of whether fish is good for dogs. Another reason not to feed raw fish to your dog is because raw fish contains the enzyme thiaminase.

When we think about the presence of fish in dog food, this might give some people the idea that eating fish is completely safe for dogs.

When raw they are soft. Raw fish and uncooked meat are dangerous for several reasons as well. But you don't have to rely on dog food manufacturers to provide this to your dog. Can dogs eat tuna fish smart dog owners.

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