What Do Betta Fish Eat

What Do Betta Fish Eat. Of course, you can only feed your betta right if you know the range of their food from regular to occasional diets. For most betta keepers it may not be possible to source or provide live foods as a betta fish's main diet.

Betta Fish Feeding Instructions - The Best Betta Fish Food
Betta Fish Feeding Instructions - The Best Betta Fish Food from japanesefightingfish.org
Betta fish are natural carnivores, and in the wild would be found subsisting on a diet of insects and insect larvae. Baby betta fish, just like other baby fish, known as fry, have a higher dietary protein and fat requirements. Understanding your betta's natural dietary habits will help you provide a.

If they are being picky, try some freeze dried treats like blood worms and daphnia.

Learning about what betta fish can eat or not eat is one of the first right steps to caring for your awesome fish pet. If your betta fish is not eating food, it might be because your betta doesn't like the supplemental food you're feeding her. The rotten food can drastically alter water chemistry and this can be harmful for your fish. Think small when it comes to serving size.

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