Betta Fish Water Temp

Betta Fish Water Temp. Keeping the betta fish water temp is important for betta's life. A few degrees either side shouldn't do your fish any harm, but try to ensure that the water in your betta tank doesn't move too far away from these optimum figures.

Betta Fish Water Guide | What type, what parameters ...
Betta Fish Water Guide | What type, what parameters ... from
You're alive, but you're not comfortable. Also, betta fish can survive in waters between 72 and 86 degrees fahrenheit, or 22.2 to 30 degrees celsius. This is the perfect water temperature for betta fish because they are tropical fish.

Cutting straight to the answer you are most likely looking for the ideal water temperature for betta fish is between 78 and 80 fahrenheit 25 5 and 26 5 celsius.

Maybe i am the one that is guilty for the warm, clean water theory. However, they can survive in temperatures as warm as 85°f and as cold as 76°f. Whenever one mentions bettas and their native lands, it usually turns to the rice patties of thailand and/or cambodia and that the. Betta fish come from a tropical climate in thailand so they require warm water in their tanks.

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