Can Cats Eat Raw Fish

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish. Eating raw fish gives parasites to other animals, which causes them to become sick and underweight, they can do it but it isn't safe or healthy especially in most cats love the taste of fish, but like many things we find tasty, it's not always in our best interest to eat it. In conclusion, cats can eat fish and it can even be beneficial to their diet, but in moderation.

Is feeding fish to your cat a good idea? | Pets4Homes
Is feeding fish to your cat a good idea? | Pets4Homes from
Unlike other meats that are most nutritious when eaten raw, uncooked fish isn't just nutritionally some raw fish contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys vitamin b1, also known as thiamine. Yes, cats can catch tapeworms from raw fish, but if the human owner is eating the very same raw fish, and the cat likes it and gets a little taste and likes it, i see nothing wrong with that at all. Can your cat eat fish?

However, when it comes to ground beef, the meat needs to be fully cooked.

What can cats not eat? To be sure, feeding your cat fish bones is not a smart idea. Unfortunately, raw fish can contain bacteria that could give your cat food poisoning. Domesticated cats would face difficulties if they tried to eat boned fish, whether cooked or raw.

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