Female Dog Smells Like Fish

Female Dog Smells Like Fish. It is classified as close or open. There will be a sudden stink reminiscent of fish left too long in the sun.

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The ingestion of compounds such as phosphorus or zinc phosphide may explain why a dog's breath may smell of rotten fish or garlic. Really fresh fish doesn't smell. Rotten fish mouth due to poisoning.

You might notice the bad odor first but other signs of a skin infection include.

Pyometra could be responsible for why your female dog smells like fish. If the condition is not being treated, the bad, fishy smell can be spread all around the area where your dog sits or even lies down. Depending on the smell, it could be something more serious like a yeast infection, but either way, i recommend taking your dog to the vet to check it out! One of the reasons why your female dog might smell fishy is because of a yeast, bacterial or viral infection.

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