1 Gallon Fish Tank

1 Gallon Fish Tank. 1 gallon fish bowl shatterproof plastic with crystal clear clarity 7.25 x 8 inch. Anchor hocking 4262 glass goldfish bowl drum 1 gallon.

Photo #1 - 65 Gallon Cichlid Tank - Ok Where To Start ........
Photo #1 - 65 Gallon Cichlid Tank - Ok Where To Start ........ from images3.ratemyfishtank.com
The advertisement shows two bettas in this tank, but the recommendation for optimum fish health is one fish per gallon of water. Even though a betta could survive quite well in a 1.5 gallon tank, it would do even better in a 10 gallon setup. How to set up your freshwater aquarium with natural biological filtration and led lighting, step by step.

Keeping anything in a 1 gallon tank comes with it's challenges.

It is recommended that you keep these guys on their own regardless of tank size. The betta fish is usually a very aggressive fish that has a hard time getting along with others, especially other betta fish. Other than that i can't suggest anything else. Yes afilter would not be a good idea at all for a 1 gallon tank.

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