Black Ghost Knife Fish

Black Ghost Knife Fish. Water stability is key with this species. This means a coarse substrate could cut them and potentially lead to an infection or illness.

Black Ghost Knife Fish | Aquarium Industries
Black Ghost Knife Fish | Aquarium Industries from
Do black ghost knife fish need air pump? And i have another tank with synodontis catfish. But a full sized black ghost knifefish is a big animal which requires a big home.

Black ghost knife fish aren't picky when it comes to hiding places.

They only way to tell is during spawning and yes, they have been successful spawned in home aquariums, but it is extremely difficult. A high quality filter is a must. The body is elongated and flattened, expands in direction of the top, without scales, resembles a knife blade or lancet in form. Origin edit this fish originates from dark rivers in south america from venezuela to paraguay including the paranĂ¡ rivers as well as the amazon basin in peru.

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