Do Fish Have Lungs

Do Fish Have Lungs. In addition, they have nostrils open to the outside which, although we may think that they allow them to breathe air, the truth is that they serve as olfactory sensors. Fish have gills, but not lungs.

lung fish
lung fish from
But instead of lungs, they use gills. Then they swallow it like amphibians, and that's how it reaches the lungs. The water enters the mouth and passes through the feathery filaments of the fish's gills, which are rich in blood.

No, fish don't have lungs, not in general, anyway.

But people get the oxygen we need by breathing air, using our lungs. When it swims in the water, it keeps its mouth open, which allows water to enter through its mouth and then exit through its gills. As far as i know, all fish do have gills. Out of 30,000+ species, 6 species are lung fish, which have complex chambered lungs to maximize surface area, but i wouldn't call them alveoli.

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