Help! I'm A Fish

Help! I'm A Fish. Three children accidentally get turned into fish after drinking a potion made by an eccentric scientist. A fish tale) is a 2001 danish animated film directed by stefan fjeldmark and michael hegner.

Lisa Voice - Help! I'm a Fish (Movie) | Behind The Voice ...
Lisa Voice - Help! I'm a Fish (Movie) | Behind The Voice ... from
I'm a fish is a 2000 animated danish film directed by stefan fjeldmark. I'm a fish (2000) theatrical film | 2d animation | children, drama. Review by lordlykicker ★★ tackles capitalism and global warming so well it might as well be a studio ghibli movie.

Film, although it was originally released, produced and recorded in english in an attempt to increase revenue.

I'm a fish is an animated science fantasy feature film from 2000 by the danish animation company a. When the kids end up in the sea, they must find the antidote within 48 hours or remain as fish forever! He is a pilot fish who drank some of professor mac krill's potion and became highly perspicacious and intelligent before he decided to take over the seas with an army of intelligent sea creatures. Hjælp, jeg er en fisk;

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