Bigger Fish To Fry Wow

Bigger Fish To Fry Wow. Obtain the bigger fish to fry achievement. There are a number of rare fish in legion, and items (bait or otherwise) that will help you catch them.

Artifact Fishing Pole Guide
Artifact Fishing Pole Guide from
Click it to start the quest luminous pearl, which you will deliver to khadgar at the fountain in dalaran. Tracks fish already caught and which lures you will need to catch the rest. We used to fish there all the time;

I'm not even 110 but decided to get the bigger fish to fry achiev to get my artifact just when i ding.

Please enable javascript to get the best experience from this site. | wow freakz, greatest legion and mists of pandaria private servers, customizable rates. You have fished up a lure you don't need for the achievement so you can keep it for when you have the artifact. Slitherblade myrmidon slain ( 7 )

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