Do Fish Have Tongues

Do Fish Have Tongues. In some species of bony fishes the tongue has teeth which help to hold prey items. But how come it is not visible like ours when they get near the food?

Do Fish Have Tongues? - A Guide on Fish Anatomy!
Do Fish Have Tongues? - A Guide on Fish Anatomy! from
This looks like a small worm. Tongue injuries in chameleons petr necas. In fact, fish tongues don't really resemble tongues at all.

The earliest citation in the newfoundland dictionary is from a 1771 entry in.

Yesss…, most fish do have tongues, but they aren't at all like ours. However, sometimes the basihyal is called a fishes tongue mostly because of the superficial resemblance. Many fish species do have tongues, although they are different than the muscular mammalian tongues that humans and many animals have. A fish has a bone called a basihyal which superficially looks like a tetrapods tongue.

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