Oscar (Fish)

Oscar (Fish). This is a pretty common rule when it comes to aggressive species of fish. A few good examples include:

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Oscar fish is known to be a very aggressive fish so you should avoid keeping any small fish in the oscar fish tank. Overcrow ding and poor water quality causes these diseases.keep in mind that hole in the head mainly affects the head and face, causing caries and pits in the head and face. Though it hails from south america, you can find this fish in home aquariums virtually worldwide.

In tropical south america, where the species naturally resides, a.

The oscar fish is a freshwater tropical cichlid native to various rivers and waterways located in the amazonian basin in south america. Super angebote für fish fish fish preis hier im preisvergleich. Oscars are not piscivores (carnivorous animals which eat primarily fish.) fish actually comprise a minor portion of their diet. Known by the scientific name astronotus ocellatus, oscars belong to the cichlid family of fishes which contains over 2,000 separate species.

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