75 Gallon Fish Tank

75 Gallon Fish Tank. A 75 gallon tank is an excellent tank size for both beginners and skilled aquarists; It is easy maintenance and you can also show your creativity as there is plenty of space available.

75 Gallon Fish Tank with Stand and Light : EBTH
75 Gallon Fish Tank with Stand and Light : EBTH from ebth-com-production.imgix.net
Be sure to do further research before buying any of the fish listed in this video! Brand new, came with two cracks that i don't trust for a fish tank. Is a 75 gallon fish tank really a good accommodation for your the size of your fish and its quantity?

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And now all the amanos have disappeared. I have been keeping fish for well over 15 years at this point, but made the splash into planted tanks with a 29 gallon 6 months ago. Back to fish tank sizes. Fish tanks are available in various sizes and shapes.

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