Betta Fish Water Temperature

Betta Fish Water Temperature. Moral of the story, if you want to be a good. Make any changes to the water.

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However, they can't survive if the ideal water temperature for a betta will be around 26 degrees celsius or 79 degrees fahrenheit. Get a good filter, heater & thermometer. The reason behind this is that bettas are originally found in thailand where normal water temperatures in the wild are warmer as it is near equator.

We want to give our betta fish surroundings that are similar to what their ancestors' natural habitat would be like.

All aquarium fish are happiest in conditions that are reasonably similar to their native environment. Betta splendens, being tropical fish and all, prefer water in the warmer temperature range. This temperature boosts your betta fish's metabolism. Your fish can be affected in many ways by the condition of the water.

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