Can Fish See Color

Can Fish See Color. Color vision is the capability to see and recognize objects based not on how bright they are, but on how well they absorb, reflect or transmit light of different colors. • a fish's eye is adapted to see movement and contrast at the expense of detail.

my favorite color combination... cranberry and aqua. Can ...
my favorite color combination... cranberry and aqua. Can ... from
• fish can see color, but they use color vision to help them find prey against different backgrounds, not necessarily to identify prey. This color of line is a good choice for dirty water, but in clear water the line is fairly easy to see underwater. The bright color makes it easy to see from above and slight bites are easily noticed.

Trout's eyes are keenly able to detect colors.

Water color and depth can change the way a lure appears to the fish. At even greater depths, colors are no longer visible and fish probably see objects in varying shades of gray. Blue colors likely won't make a difference (the lure is visible, but the blue color is not). Trout do indeed have color vision, but it is limited to relatively clear, shallow, water and short distances, so at close range, the trout can see the full detail of color.

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