Can Vegans Eat Fish

Can Vegans Eat Fish. People who eat fish if they are considered pescatarian and are not vegan or vegetarian at all. Vegans don't eat fish because they are considered animals and no animal products can be consumed by a vegan.

What Do Vegans Eat? What Do Vegans NOT Eat?? | PETA
What Do Vegans Eat? What Do Vegans NOT Eat?? | PETA from
Still, they do not eat fish. Some people are vegetarians for the health benefits only. If it was living before it came to your table, it was off limits.

However, there are some vegan alternatives to fish oil.

Fish sticks, fish fillets, and crab cakes and more, including three tuna varieties. This includes meat and poultry, as well as fish and. The reason for this feeling is that most of the fish are raised in an environment that is not even remotely suitable for them to live in, so they do not have much of a choice but to eat meat. Nowadays, there are vegetarians who eat fish and other seafood.

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