Dog Breath Smells Like Fish

Dog Breath Smells Like Fish. Even with regular dental care for your dog, bad breath is a possibility. One of the main reasons a dog's breath smells like fish is actually even grosser than the fish possibility.

Why does my dog smell like fish? | The Healthy Dog Co
Why does my dog smell like fish? | The Healthy Dog Co from
There are a few main root causes that usually cause bad smelling breath: Exercise your dog regularly to prevent weight gain. But there's a big difference between standard dog breath and the strong, sour odors that remind their owners of rotting fish, or even fecal matter.

Instantly freshens even the smelliest dog bad breath.

A urine odor to your dog's breath is a warning sign of kidney disease, and warrants a visit to your veterinarian. Encourage your dog to drink plenty of fresh, clean water. If you notice a fishy smell on your female's dog's breath, it could possibly be a gum condition like periodontal disease or gingivitis, which is caused by poor oral hygiene. In this case, the reason why your dog's breath would smell fishy would be due to the bad smell which is tied to the excrement or vomit.

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