Fish With Human Teeth

Fish With Human Teeth. It has been estimated that there are over 32,500 fish species in the world which is more than other vertebrate. This another crazy wonder that aquatic life has to offer to us.

Sheepshead Fishes' Human-Like Teeth Look Funny And ...
Sheepshead Fishes' Human-Like Teeth Look Funny And ... from
As jeremy investigates the amazon he comes across an rare catch. Andrea westmoreland) over the weekend, a fisherman in new jersey caught a fish that he described to local news as different. Fishes are living here for 500 million years.

Fish with teeth are, it is not a legend or a photo montage in photoshop.

Another catfish trip.w/ all crawdads we been trapping the craws always tend to be great bait for the calif. Delta channel was on the slow sid. Imagine swimming along and this guy just chompin' on you. It's the fish with human teeth.

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