Is Fish A Meat

Is Fish A Meat. The word for meat in latin (historically the language of christianity) is caro, and caro doesn't include fish. A dictionary will say that meat is the flesh of animals which is consumed as food. this definition would make fish meat.

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Fish is the flesh of an animal used for food, and by that definition, it's meat. So, at least for followers of the bible, fish is good and shrimp is bad because god said so. However, fish is clearly an animal, and their tasty fillets are made of animal protein, a.k.a.

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It is a time of fasting and reflection, and in the catholic church, part of that fasting means no meat on fridays. In fact, some people will claim to be vegetarian, but still eat fish based on this fact, despite fish being animals. Because many of these fish live in cold waters, the meat has a high fat content and is rich in fatty acids—healthy polyunsaturated fats. Most birds have meat that is pale and firm, and light when cooked.

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