Rumble Fish (Novel)

Rumble Fish (Novel). Hinton / history & fiction have rating 4 out of 5 / based on32 votes. However, it's different from the two previous books because.

Rumble Fish by S. E. Hinton (1989, Paperback) Author of ...
Rumble Fish by S. E. Hinton (1989, Paperback) Author of ... from
Directed by francis ford coppola. Rumble fish is a 1975 novel for young adults by s. Rumble fish is an american 1983 drama film directed by francis ford coppola.

Hinton, author of the outsiders.

Rumble fish es una novela de 1975 para adultos jóvenes de se hinton , autor de the outsiders. Rumblefish reads like an early precursor of what hinton's breakout novel the outsiders. set in a similiar world where rumbles still occur, it is rougher and more violent. If rumble fish fails as a traditional movie about real people, it is beguiling as an exercise in hallucinatory style. In contrast to the novel, rourke's motorcycle boy is much more caring and paternal toward his little brother.

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