White Spots On Fish

White Spots On Fish. The most obvious sign of ich is the appearance of little white dots that resemble grains of salt which gave the disease its name. Also known as ick or white spot disease, the ichthyophthirius multifiliis protozoan is an external parasite that attaches to your fish's fins, body, and gills by forming a tiny white capsule (usually less than 1 mm in diameter).

Identify and Treat Ich (White Spot Disease) Save Your Fish!
Identify and Treat Ich (White Spot Disease) Save Your Fish! from fishlab.com
If resistance of fish is decreasing, white spot parasites can develop on the skin of a fish. As the disease progresses, the fish will become more irritated and may try to rub or scratch against the sides and bottom of the tank. White spot is caused when a protozoan attacks and attaches itself to a fish's body, fins, and gills.

White spot disease is characterized by the appearance of small white spots on a fish's skin.

The fish feels as if it's been bitten by a mosquito. This parasite is found in all aquariums. You should test your water for high ammonia and nitrite levels. One of the more common causes of white spot symptoms in koi is the parasite ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or ich, for short.

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