Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday

Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday. But why do catholics eat fish on friday? In actual fact, fasting from meat on fridays can be traced all the way back to the earliest.

The Maltese Church has issued a handy explainer for the ...
The Maltese Church has issued a handy explainer for the ... from content.maltatoday.com.mt
This realpolitik explanation of why catholics eat fish on friday has circulated for so long, many people grew up believing it as fact. From the code of canon law: Catholics typically give up meat once a week, a tradition that's made fish.

Because hamburger sales dropped off noticeably on fridays, the owner of the franchise in cincinnati introduced the new offering, and sales picked up again.

Here's why catholics don't eat meat on fridays during lent. The eating of fish stems from this, but the real point is that catholics are supposed to abstain from meat. I grew up a catholic and my mother was always insistent that on good friday we would have fish and chips for dinner that night. The more devout followers of the religion will have had this guilt probably every friday, and many households will still observe a fishy friday due to the christian tradition.

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