Fish For 5 Gallon Tank

Fish For 5 Gallon Tank. In fact, they're used to shallow and cramped environments (which makes them one of the best fish for 5 gallon tanks). Betta fish are perhaps the most elegant fish for a 5 gallon fish tank.

5 Gallon Glass Portrait Aquarium Betta Fish Tank
5 Gallon Glass Portrait Aquarium Betta Fish Tank from
There are so many things to like about this product. I'd say pick the bettaa s it'd be less stressful and a tad more colorful. 5 gallons is however the absolute minimum sized tank that bettas can be housed in.

I really dont think tetras would work.

It's an active fish with an attitude, it stares at you through the tank besides it looks adorable. Ensure that waste does not overrun your setup and impact on the health of your pets. Species like guppies, rasboras, bettas, and tetras can brighten up your nano tank with their attractive sheens. 5 gallon fish tank setup (video) plant in the 5 gallon tank.

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