Fish-Scale-Cocaine. Peru is known for producing one of the best peruvian cocaine on. Doesn't look like regular coke—it's flaky instead of grainy, it's sparkly instead of dull, and it's slightly.

Buy Fishscale Cocaine online from a trusted supplier ...
Buy Fishscale Cocaine online from a trusted supplier ... from
Fish scale cocaine is purer, and therefore, much stronger than regular cocaine. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. As with all cocaine, humidity renders the fishscale powder recalcitrant and of clumpy constitution.

Fish scale cocaine, we all talked about it, the general notion is that it's typically a more pure product.

22.05.2018 · fish scale cocaine gets its name because it looks like the scales on a typical fish. In the event that you feel any horrible site impacts of fish scale coke call the police or the emergency unit stop and take some rest. Fishscale cocaine fishscale cocaine is a refined and comparatively pure form of cocaine. Pure fish scale cocaine quantity.

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