Fish Taxidermy Near Me

Fish Taxidermy Near Me. Plus, wildlife creations can design entire outdoor scenes for your home, office or place of business, creating an ambience unlike any other. Gray taxidermy specializes in handcrafting custom fish mounts of all freshwater and saltwater fish species.

Danny's Taxidermy | Lifelike Taxidermy | Certified ...
Danny's Taxidermy | Lifelike Taxidermy | Certified ... from
We would love to do one for you! We also have an award winning mammal and bird taxidermy offering. Art and matt otten, brothers, owners and lead taxidermists, grew up hunting, and have always had a passion for wildlife and taxidermy.

Your experience of a lifetime will become a lasting memory with tony cannova's unique fish reproductions and attention to detail.

Send us your bass, muskie, trout or salmon dimensions. Here you will find over 40 photos of the best that fish taxidermy has to offer. He has a master's degree in marine biology, world/national/regional taxidermy judge and a superior sculptor. Besides fish replicas, taxidermy fish and game mounts, we also offer upland bird taxidermy, game heads, deer head mounts, and exotic mounts.

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