How To Make A Afk Fish Farm

How To Make A Afk Fish Farm. (minecraft bedrock/ xbox one/ ps4/mcpe/ windows 10)hey guys and today i will be showing you how to make a ful. Pressing f3 + t while in minecraft will reload the game to refresh textures.

How to make an AFK Fish Farm - YouTube
How to make an AFK Fish Farm - YouTube from
And go inside and turn on the lever and u'll get the fishing rode and when he fishing rid broken u'll get other one , soo it's auto and when u done just throw your fishing rod on the carpet and voila. Ohhh i didn't know the hopper would fill up as well , that's how i had it set up originally. The items you can get from the afk fish farm is pretty incredible.

The only difference is the change in loot where you won't get treasure, just junk.

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