Sea Of Thieves Where To Sell Fish

Sea Of Thieves Where To Sell Fish. Fishing is a more relaxed style of gameplay when sailing the seas, but the qestion is where do i sell fish once i have ca. You can even eat these sea creatures if you so desire, but gold profits are often more desirable.

When Will There Be No More Fish In The Sea
When Will There Be No More Fish In The Sea from
There are many different types and rarities for fish in the open sea. In addition to this, each species of fish also has at least one variant that must be caught at night. Fish can be sold at any of the seaposts around the sea of thieves.

The value of the fish depends on its size (regular or trophy) and degree of doneness.

Where to sell fish in sea of thieves along with the anniversary update came a new trading company called the hunter's call. Players can sell fish to merrick and any of the other hunter s call npcs in exchange for gold. Highest selling fish in sea of thieves. Fish can be found in different places across the world.

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