What Flavor Are Swedish Fish

What Flavor Are Swedish Fish. What flavor is a swedish fish? A swedish fish that is often confused with the pineapple fish is the lemon fish.

SWEDISH FISH Mini Candy, Original Flavor, 4 Party Size ...
SWEDISH FISH Mini Candy, Original Flavor, 4 Party Size ... from i.ebayimg.com
In the united states, the red swedish fish is often considered a berry flavor (although some think it's cherry!). 7,000 metric tons of it are made each year. For those who have been living under a rock, swedish fish are a gummy candy shaped like a fish.

Though many fans have proposed guesses ranging from cherry, raspberry, or fruit punch to the more exotic lingonberry, the truth is that the fruity flavor is unique and specific to the one and only red swedish fish. 18 level 1

There are the traditional red ones and now assorted other colors. Trident, a gum company owned by mondelez global, produced a swedish fish flavored product, which is advertised as berry + lemon flavor. Mini swedish fish 2oz 24 pack. Add this package of swedish fish original flavor candy to your cart for fun, fruity treats.

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