Double Filet O Fish

Double Filet O Fish. Enjoy it with a chilled cold drink of your choice and our world famous crispy fries. Sourced for its succulent and fresh flavor, we cook tender portions of fish and enhance their great taste with a zesty tartar sauce.

Double Filet-o-Fish® | McDonald's New Zealand
Double Filet-o-Fish® | McDonald's New Zealand from
Instead of one, two filets of fish smothered with tangy tartar sauce and a creamy slice of cheese will double the waves of satisfaction. And while it has remained a popular menu item for over 50 years, it was created out of necessity by one desperate franchisee. So if you have a hankering for the sandwich, just make sure to request the sandwich be cooked to order as that reddit user suggested!

Premium chicken bacon clubhouse (grilled or crispy) $4.49:

Report a problem with this food. I haven't eaten fast food for going on a decade now. Report a problem with this food. One burger we haven't tried from mcdonald's is the fillet o fish so we went all the way and got the double fillet o fish!!!facebook:

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