Ffxiv Always A Bigger Fish

Ffxiv Always A Bigger Fish. Equip the large gig head. Always bigger fish quest i used all 3 spear heads and caught over 300 fish and not one dafangshi ever showed up.

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In this case it's the ichtyosaur, which is caught with the large gig head at the sunken junk spearfishing location. 1 floating minnow (made by minnow) 、lugworm(live in the sand)、chocobo fly(made bychocobo feather)、goby ball(mixed by goby and rye flour) fit for ocean fishing; Keep it up until it spawns a new node (similar to the btn/min unspoiled node) you'll find them there.

db:quest=a44f74178efalways a bigger fish /db:quest copy tooltip code to clipboard.

I caught lots of ichthyosaur but none of them and spent over an hour there. Quality does not matter, however it is a random chance on whether or not your spectral fish will cause the fabled spectral current. This number is the exact amount of different big fish currently in the game, requiring determined fishers to catch every big fish, some of which are incredibly difficult to catch. Once you've caught enough of the target fish, the teeming shadows will appear and then new fish spawn at this.

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